What is the allowed Setup Time?

You are given one day before your wedding to setup and also one day after your wedding to take down the setups

Do you offer catering services?


How many guests can the house accommodate?

The house can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests

How do I get my refund?

The refund is payable upon request via cheque

What are the amenities at the ground?

There’s toilets both male/female. Supplied toiletries and Cleaners during the event. Clean tap water. Bio gas cookers in the kitchen. Grilling area.

Is there parking?

Yes. Parking is available inside the compound for around 200 vehicles.

How much do you charge for picnics, graduations or baby showers?

Unfortunately we do not allow picnics, graduation or baby showers at our premises.

What are the directions to Fuchsia Gardens

Get the direction under the contact us page, or google maps.