Fuchsia Gardens.

Fuchsia Gardens gets its name from the color fuchsia- a variant of the purple color. Which is the favorite color of our founder.

Located in the heart of Limuru surrounded by extensive tea farms, fuchsia gardens regarded as the top venue for garden weddings in the region.

The Grand Garden

This is the main garden and favorite option for many. Its a combination of 3 gardens offered as 1 and it gives client enough space to put up their setups. It’s recommended for Big Weddings with a large number of guests.

The Interior Garden

This is the small garden next to the main house. It’s ideal for a small and intimate wedding.

The Boutique Hotel

Opening Soon, the hotel offers a variety of incredible experiences.

The menu will be one to die for and the ambience, top notch. Perfect for a quite afternoon gate away from the city.